About Us

About Us

We are the Unhappy

We are unhappy,

with how our society functions, how wealth is controlled, how politicians lie to our face, how financial institutions run our government and criminals run our banks. We waited and waited hoping someone will fix all these, but it is only getting worse.

We created Peach because enough is enough, we want to do something, to explore, to experiment, hopefully to inspire others to create something greater.

Peach is a for profit company, we do make money from Ads and we think that is important, so we can pay our team and keep Peach running. But that doesn't change our vision, which is and always will be - an experimental UBI for the internet users' benefit based on the attention economy.

Will Peach work? We don't know, it is in the hand of the community. But what we do know is we will keep trying to make the situation better in every way we can, because if we don't, no one will.

We are Global

We are a small group of designers and developers sharing a similar passion. Our team is fully remote and scattered around the world from Europe to US, from Australia to Venezuela.

Open Collaboration

We want to work with individuals and organizations sharing our vision, we are open to ideas on how we can form a mutually beneficial relationship. Our collaboration and grants programs offer a wide range of possibilities from free advertising credits to ownership of Peach.

Currently we are offering Advertising Grants Program and Individual Collaborators Program.