How Peach Distribution Works

Peaches are Distributed

Peaches are distributed from the Reserve Pool to all active users at current Distribute Rate. Users just need to install the Peach Chrome Extension and be actively browsing.

Reserve Pool Gets Recharged

Apart from an intial contribution from us behind the project, Reserve Pool gets
its Peaches from user doing Peach Tasks, everytime a Peach Task gets done,
30% of the Task payout goes into the Reserve Pool. The more Tasks get done,
the more balance Reserve Pool has.

Tasks Increase the Distribute
Rate for Everyone

Distribute rate is calculated every hour based on the current balance of
Reserve Pool, user base and Peach Tasks contribution to the Reserve Pool
recently. The more Tasks get done, the faster Peach Distribute Rate gets.

Current Distribute Rate

Distribute Conditions

Active Browsing

Peaches will not be Distributed if the browser window is not active, e.g. browser is idle, covered etc.

Tab Limit

Each tab has a limit of how many Peaches it can distribute. Active activities like refresh, open a new link will reset the limit.