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Distribute Bonus

Get extra distribute bonus on top of the current distribute rate. For example, if current Distribute Rate is 30 Seconds for 1 Peach and you have 10% Distribute Bonus on your badge, you will be getting 1.1 Peaches for every 30 seconds. You can build the rate up as you go, there is no top limit of how much bonus can you get.

My Current Bonus

+0%You currently have +0% Distribute Bonus. To get more, you can redeem 10% from the Market, get gift from 10 Day Santa or use your referral link below.

Referral Code

When a new user sign up with this code, both of you will get 1% Distribute Bonus. Bonus will be delivered when new user verifies email and sign in to Peach.
Note, the old referral link system is not working anymore.