Peach Task For Advertisers

Peach Task For Advertisers

URL Targeting with Tasks

Peach Tasks allows you to target Peach users on specific URLs to show your
Ads, so you know you are targetting audiences with absolute precision and

Next Generation Ads

Peach offers innovative Task types that are much more interactive and fun
for your target audiences to engage with.

Link Task

Similar to traditional banner ads, these are displayed to all Peach users on URLs specified by the advertiser. When clicked, Link Tasks will open a new window to your URL.

Fully customizable design and flexible budget. Link Tasks are great to target organic traffic on other URLs that share similar user demographics with yours.

368px by 110px
Impression cost : $0
Click cost : from $0.01

Twitter Task

Displayed to Peach users on URLs specified by the advertiser. When clicked, users will be asked to send an honest tweet about a website requested by the advertiser.

As the advertiser, you can’t control what users tweet, but you can request them to include certain #, @ tags or url in the tweet.

Twitter Task requires users to have at least 10 Twitter followers and an account over 24 hours old to participant. No cost for tweets do not meet these conditions.

222px by 203px
Impression cost : $0
Per tweet cost : from $0.01

Lots more Reasons

You can pay for Tasks with your Peach
Balance or Credit Card.

Fully customized design to suit
your needs.

Set whatever budget you like,
including per Task and over all budget.

Know your spending is
powering a UBI for the internet.