How Peach Tasks Work

How Peach Tasks Work

Tasks are Ads

Peach Tasks are Ads that randomly appears as your browse, you will get rewarded with Peaches if you decide to engage them. We currently support the following Task types:

Link Task - Like a banner Ad, once clicked, it will open a URL.
Twitter Task - You will be asked to tweet your honest opinion of a website or product.

Designed to Give Back Your Cut In the Attention Economy

Currently companies make lots of money from advertising, but users who bring these revenue do not receive anything in return.

With Peach Task, users get 40% of the advertising revenue in Peaches, with a further 30% goes into Reserve Pool to support Peach distribution for all users.

Task Revenue

Every time a Task gets done, 40% of the Task revenue goes to the user
completed the Task, 30% goes to Reserve Pool for Peach distribution and
30% goes to us as company revenue.

More Tasks Done
Better For Everyone

Tasks recharges Reserve Pool, the more tasks get done, the faster the Distribute Rate gets
for everyone. On the other hand, if no one creates Tasks or take any Tasks, the Distribute Rate will slow down.

Anyone can Create a Task

Peach Task is a great way to target audiences on a specific URL, also your
spending goes back to support the community.