Peach cUBI
Conditional Universal Basic Income

currently powering Peach cUBI




Peach is a conditional UBI system, it generates Ad revenue and distributes a portion of it to its users in a form of credit called Peaches. All Peach users get Peaches at the current Distribute Rate simply by browsing the internet.

Users can earn extra Peaches if they choose to engage with Tasks(Ads), but this is not mandatory. Peaches are redeemable to products, services and cryptos in the Peach Market.

We don’t agree with how wealth is distributed in our society and we don’t believe our governments will deliver UBI soon, plus we are sick of how the Attention Economy makes millions off people's online time but never gives a return, so we made our own UBI, based on the attention economy revenue.

Peach might not be distributing a lot to users at the beginning, but we believe if we have enough users, we will be able to achieve a multi-million dollar scale UBI for the benefit of the internet users.

Peach system maintains a Reserve Pool which distributes Peaches at the current Peach Distribute Rate to all users. This rate is live calculated based on the Reserve Pool size. The bigger the Reserve Pool, the faster this rate is for everyone.

Users will need to install the Peach Chrome Extension, which displays URL based Tasks(Ads), users do not have to engage with any Tasks if they don't want to, but if they do, they will get extra Peaches plus the Reserve Pool also gets recharged with extra Peaches. So the more users engage Tasks, the bigger the Reserve Pool, the faster the Distribute Rate is for everyone.

Amount distributed so far


A Chrome Extension

Peach Extension delivers Peaches to all active users, as well as URL based Posts and Tasks.

Peaches are
Distributed Automatically

As you browse the internet, your Peach balance will increase
automatically at current Distribute Rate.

Current Distribute Rate

Distribute Rate is lively calculated and updated, the more people
using Peach, the better Distribute Rate gets for everyone.

Get more Peaches with Tasks

Tasks are URL based Ads which appear as your browse, you will get extra Peaches if you click on the Task, but it is not mandatory.
Every Task taken also makes Peach Distribute Rate a bit better for everyone.

Share Thoughts
On Any Web Pages

Peach users can make Posts on any spots of any web page, Posts are designed to share knowledge and are visible to all Peach users. Users can tip the Post if they like it. It costs Peaches to make a post, the price varies depending on the URL.

Use Your Peaches

From crypto currency to flight mileages, you can exchange Peaches with
products and services in the Peach Market.